With the goal of vocational training from the basic steps for unskilled people and improving the skills of current watchmakers, the Watch Hospital’s training program is built into courses according to different levels.

  • Basic course
  • Advanced cours
  • Professional course

Advantages of the Vocational Training Program at Watch Hospital:

Trainees are trained based on the teaching methodology and separate curriculum of Watch Hospital. They are practicing continuously on the line from low-end to high-end depending on the course requirements to improve practical repair skills.

  • We are committed to ensuring professional skills for trainess after graduation. You will have enough capacity to work at warranty centers and repair shops with attractive income.
  • At Watch Hospital, trainees are taught and guided to follow each individual’s qualifications according to the “one-one teaching and learning method“. Each trainee will have a separate program and module and be directly instructed by the tutor to ensure good work skills  to avoid the case that trainees learn slowly, or do not understand the lessons, or do not keep up with the curriculum.
  • The training schedule up to 90% of the time practising directly on the watch machine helps trainees have practical repair skills.

About Watch making courses:

Basic course

  • Course duration: 3 months (312 lessons ~ 13 weeks).
  • Schedule: 6 lessons/week. Each lesson lasts 180 minutes, equivalent to 4 periods/lesson.
  • Tuition fee: VND 20,000,000/course/3 months
  • Graduation requirements
  • After of the course, trainees will have complete repair skills for 18 types of mechanical and 28 common quartz machines

Advanced course

  • Course duration: 3 months (312 lessons ~ 13 weeks)
  • Tuition fee: VND 30,000,000/course/3 months
  • Schedule: 6 lessons/week. Each lesson lasts 180 minutes, equivalent to 4 periods/lesson.
  • After the course: Trainees will have complete repair skills to repair Mechanical and Swiss Quartz machines.
  • Students
  • As long as you are a clock lover and meet the following criteria, you should not be hesitant to come to our classes. At Watch Hospital, customers are relatives, and trainees are the future.
  • Requirements for trainees
  • Male / Female: Age from 18 to 30. Regardless of gender and region
  • Required qualifications: Graduated from high school or above
  • Need to have progressive aspirations, beliefs, and career love
  • Honesty, enthusiasm, hard-working, and industriousness
  • In particular, loyalty is an important factor
  • Required documents: Training application, Curriculum vitae, Identity card, Degrees, Health certificate
  • Training objectives:
  • At the end of the course, trainees need to meet the specific training requirements of each course, ensuring that they can work in repair shops or watch service centers.
  • Trainees who have the capacity and desire to stay at Watch Hospital as part of our team will be provided with the opportunity to participate in skills improvement courses with clear commitments and binding.
  • Trainee benefits
  • Trainees are committed to professional skills after graduation

      – During the training process, trainees can ask the instructors to re-teach the lesson or re-guide the problem that they do not understand, and suggest the problems that they want to consult.

      –Trainees can request to increase the training schedule to shorten the curriculum or reserve the program according to their own commitments in case of arising problems affecting the course participation.

      –Trainees will be supported by Watch Hospital experts to advise on any difficulties or problems that occur during work and training even after graduation.

     – After graduation, depending on the achievement, trainees will be offered jobs at the system of watch shops, warranty centers or directly working at Watch Hospital

  • Training Locations:
  • In order to help the trainees have a visual view and be exposed to the actual working process of experts at Watch Hospital, the Watchmaker Training Program is organized and held simultaneously at two main campuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Hanoi: No.103 A, Alley 6 Le Thanh Tong – Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Hotline:  09 444 333 75
  • Ho Chi Minh City: No.109  Dinh Tien Hoang, Da Kao ward, District 1
  • Hotline: 0972 109 109