Principles And Business Philosophy of Watch Hospital

1, Objectives and vision:

With the vision of providing “Number-one Service – for Genuine Watches”, we – Watch Hospital set the goal to become the No. 1 professional company in Vietnam providing Repair and Recovery Services for the most prestigious, genuine watches, and also be the Watchmaker Training School, providing skilled watch repair professionals.

2, Mission:

We are extremely concerned looking at the reality, the difference in the quality of service received by watch users in Vietnamese and those in Europe. As the birthplace of the world watch industry, customers in Europe also receive the most advanced and professional watch repair services in the world.

In Vietnam, many people use watches hardly enjoy the best products and services they should have received, they even sometimes receive the deceit of the seller or the ignorance, irresponsibility of the repairer instead.

With the desire to bring the best products and services in the watch industry to Vietnamese users, we established Watch Hospital Joint Stock Company – a place that not only provides high-class professional genuine watch repair services, but also is where watch enthusiasts can come to share and receive the most useful, practical advice. Come to Watch Hospital, each of your genuine watches will always be welcomed with the most respectful, most loving attitude and the highest Swiss-standard repair service. The trust of every customer is our happiness!

3, Principles and operation slogan:

“Only for Real Watches”

The watch, as we know, is also called time measuring machine. Only the name has shown how important the precision criteria is for each watch. This precision will only be realized when, from the outset, and during the manufacturing process, the movements are manufactured and made to the highest general standards. In particular, this is evident in watches that have been repaired or over time of use. Real watches will give you true time value. Our principles are faith and honesty. Respect customers and respect our industry, we are the true repairman. This is the reason and the answer to the “Only for Real Watches – Genuine Watches” criterion of Watch Hospital.

“Give watch – Receive trust”

Each genuine watch shows the extremely respectable trust of every customer for Watch Hospital. We, therefore, always want and commit to bring you the best services with the most modern machinery system, the most professional standardized repair process, high-class repair skills of the most enthusiastic and devoted repairers.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of repair services for your watch provided that you also give us genuine watch that have been manufactured to the highest standards.

“Quality is highest – Customer is relatives”

Cheery (guest) in – Happy (guest) out

With the desire to give Vietnamese watch users an experience of international standard service, we set quality as the number one criterion. We are also committed with the dedication of true watchmakers that benefit of every customer is also our pleasure. Every watch that comes to us will be returned in proper appearance, the movement works optimally as much as possible.

Trust and satisfaction of each customer is a valuable reward, also a measure of our success.

Come to us, welcome! You are home!