Truong Omega – Founder of Watch Hospital


I want to tell you a story, a story of my own – the story of a shoe-shiner and watches!

I still remember the time more than 15 years ago, the day I left the poor countryside in search for a new life in a prosperous town. I used to work as a shoe-shiner even as a waiter, server, and carrier, for the sole purpose: to earn a living day after day. That was the time when maturity grew up in me, I need to try hard my best to change the that life. And then fortunately I was accepted to work at New Watch – a watch shop at 37 Hang Khay, so I was charmed with the watch, an accidental encounter marking as a turning point.

At first, I just did the task of cleaning the display shelves, arranging the clock but thanks to the carefulness and meticulousness in that simple work, I was caught the eye of the owner of New Watch, a master in the watch field and then it was him who mentor and facilitate me to attend 55 Hang Bong Watch Repair Vocational Training School. Those were the first lessons for the delicate complexity. I love them like crazy. For me the watch is no longer an ordinary item, it is my lifetime.

Anh2Soon after, I was so lucky to move to work in Hanoi Tower and took the role of Technical Manager of Omega, Rado, Seiko. During 9 years of studying and working, I was professionally instructed and trained by experts. I had the opportunity to step my foot in the kingdom of the most luxurious watches in the world – Switzerland; encountering the most sophisticated watches from Omega, Rolex to Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin; visiting the largest watch manufacturer on the planet ETA … My limited knowledge thus accumulated.

I still remember the moment I arrived at a factory of Longines in Saint-Imier – the birthplace of the watch, I was stunned by hardest expertise and the skillful and meticulous craftsmanship of the watchmakers. They put in each watch a burning love. I suddenly understood, the value of the watch does not only depend on materials but also on the dedication, the talent of the craftsman.

I was so much concerned about the unfairness of Vietnamese people to their European friends. They were not entitle to enjoy the best services and products that they should have been received, but just deception, contempt, and irresponsibility of the seller. I would be ashamed of my own conscience if I just watched and ignored it. I will change, I desire to change with both my enthusiasm and my life.

From longing, I turned into action! I founded to be not only a place providing watch repair services but also a place where watch lovers have the opportunity to share their hobbies and experiences. A world of what is most subtle and standard! Coming to Watch Hospital, I assure with all my conscience: Swiss standard machine system, a team of highly skilled and dynamic specialists capable of repairing and assembling even the most sophisticated watches from Omega, Rolex to Patek Philippe … Surely the watches you own shall endure forever with time. I am sure you will love and trust like myself and others.