5 steps to ensure safety of the watch

Secured chain cutting and strap withdrawal services

➣ Standard chain cutting

➣ Using correct tools for each type of chain

➣ Ensureing no scratch for the watch

➣ Comfortable and fit for users

Types of chains

Conventional chain

Using latches but the latch is made as a clevis

Tube chain

The chain are molded together with a small pipe section to hold the latch

Screwed chain

The latches are constructed according to a pattern of caps and screws

5-step chain cutting process

Step 1

Check the type of chain and latch

Step 2

Measure the strap to ensure fitness to the customer

Step 3

Choose the right tools, cut the chain, and withdraw the strap

Step 4

Check whether the watch on the customer’s wrist is comfortable

Step 5

Check the aesthetics before returning to customers

Risks of Chain Cutting At Unreliable Addresses

➣The watch is scratched due to a non-standard tool selection

➣The watch is too tight or too loose

➣The watch is always offset to 12 corner, difficult to see the time.

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